Automation will bring an end to traditional software programming

9 November 2017

We think the future of coding is no coding at all; programming isn’t about typing, it’s about thinking (Chris Wanstrath, GitHub СЕО).

Coding — at least as it’s traditionally done, by typing arcane commands on a keyboard — could soon become another job for the robots. That way humans can focus on the higher-level strategy and design of software.

The profession of coder in Ukraine is now on the wave, but it is unlikely to remain there in a few years like it is already happened in India e.g. If you want to work in the IT field, it is better to become proficient in the most promising domains such as artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning.

AI Department Presented its Product at Insight Centre for Data Analytics (Galway, Ireland)

7 November 2017

Within project «Keystone» (COST Action IC1302 financed by Horizon 2020) associate professor of the AI Department Mariia Golovianko was invited to the Workshop at the Insight Center for Data Analytics to present the ontology-driven Web-Portal developed as an instrument to support of the Quality Assurance system of higher education, its technologies, advantages and facilities for the development towards Collective Awareness Platform. The Workshop was held on 6th of November and was aimed at presentation of research results and discussing the modern challenges with entrepreneurial auditorium of the Insight Center which is one of Europe’s largest data analytics research organisations, with 400+ researchers, more than 80 industry partners and over €100 million of funding.

Because of intensive work schedule it was decided to make the presentation with means of laboratory for video communication technology remotely.