Call for ERASMUS+ international academic mobility on ICT study programme

April 11, 2019

We open the call to study on ICT programme (code 067 according to UNESCO international standard – ISCED) during one semester for 2019-2020 academic year within Erasmus+ academic mobility project with Spanish University of Jaén (UJA). To participate in the competition students should send CV and motivation letter until April 26, 2019 to the e-mail address: (Titova L., International Coordinator).

Selection criteria (in order of preference):

  1. Academic performance of candidates
  2. Knowledge of English
  3. Lack of previous experience of participation in academic mobility projects
  4. The less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds (including internally displaced persons, etc.)


University of Jaén provides the selected students with a grant from the Erasmus+ project which contributes to travel and the cost of living. The tuition at UJA is free.


One staff and one teaching mobilities are available within this programme also.

Teaching and administrative applicants should send their CV and plan for teaching / training correspondingly to the above mentioned contact for the selection by committee headed by Vice-rector for Innovative Corporate Affairs and Administration.


University of Jaén ranks 75th in the Shanghai ranking (ARWU 2015) among world universities within Computer Science area (