Gubin Vadim

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Artificial Intelligence of the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.


1988 – He graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics on a specialty “Applied Mathematics”.

1992 – Assistant of the Department of Technical Cybernetics (since 1999 – the Department of Artificial Intelligence).

2000 – Senior lecturer of the Department of Artificial Intelligence.


Prepared and teaches courses:

  • Object-Oriented Programming,
  • Probability Theory, Probability Processes and Mathematical Statistics,
  • .NET Programming,
  • Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture,
  • Software Engineering Technology,
  • Software Engineering Technology and Сreating Software Systems,
  • Technology for Distributed Systems and Concurrent Computing,
  • Technology for Concurrent Computing,
  • Web Service and ASP.NET Technology,
  • Web Technology,
  • Discrete Structures,
  • Internet Technology,
  • Programming Internet applications,
  • Technology for Remoting Objects,
  • Server Programming.

Research interests

Predictive text data analysis, advanced computer technology.

Publications and patents

Has more than 20 published works.


  1. Гвоздинський А.М. Методи оптимізації в системах прийняття рішень. / Гвоздинський А.М., Губін В.А., Якімова Н.А. – Харків: ХНУРЕ, 2006. – 324с.
  2. Гвоздинський А.М. Методи оптимізації в організаційному управлінні. / Гвоздинський А.М., Губін В.А., Шергін В.Л. – Харків: ХНУРЕ, 2014. – 396с.