History of the Department

The Artificial Intelligence Department (AI) was founded on June 7, 1999 (Order № 72, Decision of the Academic Council of June 2, 1999, Order № 14) on the basis of the Technical Cybernetics Department and the Branch of the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems (Jyvaskyla University, Finland) headed by Professor Vagan Terziyan.

Technical Cybernetics Department (TC) was founded on September 14, 1964. The founder and the first head of the TC Department was Professor, Doctor of Technical Science Volkov Oleksandr. Under his leadership a scientific school for the training of highly qualified specialists was created and developed. TC Department provided classical fundamental knowledge in system analysis, operations research, mathematical programming, database theory for many specialties of the university. The newest computer technologies were implemented at the department due to professors Terzian Vagan and Bodianskiy Yevgeniy and representatives of their research schools as well. For the first time in Kharkiv the methods of computer defence of the Thesis Works were introduced due to the international methodical seminars have been held within the cooperation with University of Jyväskylä (Finland), initiated by prof. V. Terziyan.

In 1995, the specialty “Intelligent Information Processing and Decision Making Systems” (ISPR) was founded. Its curriculum (bachelor-specialist-master) was developed by the department staff in close cooperation with Finnish and world experts under financial support of the Finnish Academy of Science and became a unique for the Ukrainian education system of that time.

The curriculum of the ISPR received a high assessment from the leading experts in the field of information systems and was selected for presentation at the UNESCO Congress in Monte Carlo, 1996; has been presented at the international symposium on the development of curricula in the Computing Science (UK, 1996) etc.

The actuality of the speciality required the immediate start of training specialists in the field of intellectual information systems in accordance with the curriculum which was certified by the international standards. That is why the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems (AIIS) was opened as a branch of the Finnish Department of Computer Science and Information System of the University of Jyvaskyla headed by Prof. V. Terzian. This branch was entrusted three-stage training the students in major “Intelligent Systems for Information Processing and Decision-Making”. In 1999 AIIS Branch and TC Department have been merged into new Department of Artificial Intelligence (AI).