AI Department continues to expand opportunities for international collaboration

11 December 2022 18:21

The current competition for students among institutions of higher education becoming more intense due to decreasing the income and increasing of the expenditure. This requires not only to maintain attractiveness of universities at the previous level but also to increase the value of their proposal for students.

International cooperation in particular the EC ERASMUS+ program which funding the educational projects is becoming one of the most important factors contributing to the attraction of the extrabudgetary grant funds, in particular to provide students with opportunities to study in an international environment and gain life experience in European countries. Teachers get the opportunity to obtain experience of teaching in an international audience and enrich it through communication with their European colleagues. It is important that the number of mobile students and teachers has a positive effect on the place of our university in world rankings.

Continuing the experience of four-year cooperation the Spanish University of Jaen and the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, on the initiative of the Artificial Intelligence Department, signed the Agreement on Academic Mobility for the period until 2027. Due to such cooperation we can integrate into the common European educational space, become part of the globalized world and prepare our students to be competitive in global labor markets.