Call for ERASMUS+ international academic mobility on ICT study programme

2 November 2022 15:09

We open the call to study on the ICT programme (code 061 according to UNESCO international standard – ISCED) for 5 months of Spring semester of 2022 – 2023 academic year within Erasmus+ academic mobility project with the Jaen University (Spain). To participate in the competition students should send CV and Motivation Letter until November 10 of 2022 to the email address: (Titova L., International Coordinator).

Considering the prohibition on leaving country for men aged 18-60 within martial law without exception for students, selection commission will consider the documents of female students or male students who is staying outside of Ukraine.

Departure conditions for men: 

Selection criteria (in order of preference):

1. Academic performance of candidates

2. Knowledge of English

3. Lack of previous experience of participation in academic mobility projects

4. The less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds (including internally displaced persons, etc.) 

The University of Jaen covers travel and accommodation from the Erasmus+ grant program. Studying at Spanish university is free.