Cooperation with IT professionals. Extended interactive lecture for students of AI Department

3 April 2021 22:38

Artificial Intelligence Department continues to expand the horizons of online learning. It provides an opportunity for our students to meet in a lecture format with experts of the industry who may share their experience and talk about the requirements and the latest development trends in their sector of the IT industry.We invite students of the AI Department to take part in an extended interactive lecture on the discipline “Administration of Unix-like operating systems”. Denys Vasyliev, one of the leading specialists of Globallogic, DevOps Lead Software Engineer, co-author of many training courses and DevOps Telecom Basecamp (Host of the podcast will deliver the lecture.

The topic of the leсture: “The Kubernetes Platform. An Overview of Alternative Orchestrators and Industry Prospects.”

Date: 04/16/21, beginning at 17:00.

We invite 1 – 6 year students of the AI Department.

To participate in the lecture, you must at the specified time follow the link below from your email account in the domain