Distance Learning Continuation. Now it is Undergraduate practice online

13 April 2020 21:06

Everyone has already mastered teaching and studying online. But now we have a new challenge – how to do an undergraduate practice online!

We created the module “Undergraduate practice at the AI department” on the MOODLE platform (dl.nure.ua). For each of three teachers, the practice supervisors, we made a separate Consulting Point with access to video conferences via Google Hangouts Meet, where the teacher are presented every day according to the schedule attached to the module for counseling students.

We assigned the own group for each teacher. In addition, students need to be self-registered in the attendance section every day.Interestingly, the meeting was scheduled for 9-30 on the first day the practice. Almost all students attended! We exchanged impressions about distance learning, discussed what and how students will do in practice, requirements for reports and future diplomas, set a date for the next