Distance Learning. New Challenges: How To Exam Online

15 April 2020 20:55

We continue to expand our knowledge and improve distance learning skills. Now we have gained new experience – how to conduct an exam online. Discipline “Methods and Systems of Artificial Intelligence” exam for the ITCSz-17-1 group is passed today. There is the topic “Exam” with the section “Tasks” in the module of this course. Each student has a folder in the section for publishing their answers.
The teacher and students met at a video conference at the Google Hangouts Meet at the beginning of the exam. It is an online form of authentification confirmation. On the next stage, students sent a request letter to the teacher from their address at @nure.ua domain, in response, they received a pdf file with the personalised exams tasks. On the next two hours, students had to write answers on questions from their exams cards. Each student had to shot their written response, to create a pdf file and to send it to the course page, placing it under the “Exam” task section, into the folder with their last name.
Next two hours, the teacher was checking and marking received answers. Then everybody gathered again for a videoconference, where teacher voiced her assessment in mark points for each student. The grade depended not only on how well the answer was provided but also on the students’ work through the semester and the labs’ tasks results. As a rule, part-time students work very hard and practically they have not enough time for studying. However, they are distinguished by their motivation, purposefulness and maturity of thinking, tend to learn new knowledge, often learn late in the night. Interestingly, in the context of a strict deadline for the delivery of labs’ reports, many students sent their assignments late at night, as they sought to increase the rating score even before the exam. The exam showed that our part-time students were well done. Although the results are different, they, like us, have gained new experience in working for the result under conditions of severe time constraints for online learning.
I would also like to note the explicit and well-thought-out work of the Scientific and Training Centre for Part-Time Education (STCPTE). They sent an electronic examination sheet and instructions for filling it out. It was appreciated.

We wish our students, teachers and staff good health and tremendous success!
P.S. Replica of the examiner: this exam was a real challenge for the teacher. Ten minutes before the exam begins, at 9:20, I lost the Internet connection. I tried everything. Nothing helped, then I called the provider, “Triolan.” The operator replied: “Repair work is being carried out at your address, the expected completion is 12-00.” I answered: “Gosh, My online-exam breaks down!!!”. The Internet worked again in five minutes. Such surprises happen in distance learning.