Distance learning. Online Master Defences: Continuation

20 May 2020 2:59

We met the second day of defences of the master students at the Artificial Intelligence Department, who studied on the educational and scientific program “Artificial Intelligence Systems” (speciality 122 – Computer Science). It was not as saturated as the first day. Still, we delighted to see together with the masters of full-time education, the defences of the correspondence-distance education master students. Of course, it was more difficult for part-time students to cope with the subjects of our department, because of many basic disciplines relating to mathematical foundations and especially intelligent information technologies we deliver to our students at the undergraduate level. But still, everything worked out well and perfect.

The spectre of themes includes the problems of ontological modelling; the study of the methods of semantic analysis of natural language; the study of machine learning methods and algorithms for solving applied problems; as well as the rapidly developing research of scale-free networks and the study oftheir assortativity.

The questions of the examination board members and following discussions on some presentations were looking like it is the scientific conference discussion. It proves the fact all thesis subjects are modern and very relevant.

We congratulate our new Masters and wish them good luck!