Distance learning. Online Master Defences: Final

27 May 2020 17:24

The defences of the master students at the Artificial Intelligence Department, who studied on the educational and scientific program “Artificial Intelligence Systems” (speciality 122 – Computer Science) has ended.

The last day of defence was notable for the fact that the rector, professor Valery Semenets connected to us for a video conference of the examination board meeting. He listened to some of the presentations, took part in an online discussion, and even asked a few questions to defenders. We hope he was engaged in the same way as us. Almost all topics of master’s theses are practical and contemporary. The presented works were devoted to the research both fields of cognitive and computational intelligence. The results of studies on the application of various types of deep neural networks for solving applied problems, including natural language processing, image recognition, and even game development, were presented. The students researched the modelling of scaleless networks, studied their properties and practical implementation in the form of both professionally-oriented and social networks. There were also works in which the approaches of cognitive and evolutionary modelling applied to the development of intelligent decision support systems in poorly structured situations.
Summing up, students are not afraid to undertake complex but exciting projects for them required pre-processing of a large amount of data and even full-scale experiments.

We wish our Masters new interesting creative tasks, health and success!