Distance learning. Online Masters Defense: New Season

16 December 2020 23:23

The new academic year continues online. The first day of defense of the masters of the Department of Artificial Intelligence, who studied under the educational and professional program “Artificial Intelligence Systems” (specialty 122 – Computer Science), took place. Both teachers and students are quite comfortable with the training and presenting the results of their work online. It is possible to examine in detail each slide and formula presented in full-screen mode.

It should be noted that the undergraduates met all the requirements of the preliminary preparation of works for defense: they passed the normative control, plagiarism check, peer review, passed the stitched attestation master’s theses (so-called hardcopy) to the department.

The general enthusiasm for deep learning and new architectures of modern neural networks influenced the topics of the master’s

certification works. A significant part of the work was devoted to the study of various architectures of deep neural networks and their application for solving various applications of computer vision and image recognition.

The topics of the works submitted for defense also included modeling of self-similar time series and the study of their properties, research and application of genetic algorithms and machine learning methods for solving practical problems. Our graduate master’s degrees, continuing the tradition, take on challenging but interesting complex tasks, they successfully solve them and prove their high professional level.

The first day of defense made me happy with the high level of submitted works and excellent results. We wish our graduates new interesting creative tasks, health and success!