How to have admission on Master’s Degree Program in Germany?

6 March 2020 18:40

How to have admission on Master’s Degree Program in Germany? A graduate of AI Department, and now, undergraduate student of Technical University of Munich, shares her experience

It is always pleasant when our graduates come to visit AI department, tell us about newest IT technologies, where and how they work or continue their studies at the magistracy at European universities. This time one of our best former students, Anya Makarevich, came to us (in almost all subjects she had the highest mark “A” − 100 points). After graduating from the bachelor’s program, Anya submitted documents for admission to the magistracy to several European universities and everywhere passed a competitive selection. However, she chose the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and get admission to master’s program “Data Engineering & Analytics”. TUM is one of the most prestigious universities in Germany. Studying there is free, in addition, Anya received a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship by submitting all the necessary documents and successfully passing an interview with German professors.

Anya told our students in detail about her experience in submitting documents to the TUM University Master’s program, about what pitfalls can be encountered in the process of preparing and submitting documents, how it is possible and realistic to receive a DAAD scholarship. And, of course, everyone was interested to listen about how the educational process is organized in the master’s program in Germany, what disciplines are studied in the framework of the master’s program, how practical classes are held, where and how students live. Anya willingly answered all the questions and said that she really wants to help our students in submitting documents for study at the master’s program of German universities. The meeting was productive and interesting, in  informal setting. In parting, Anya received a branded T-shirt NURE as a gift.