Important information for all Bachelors

7 December 2021 23:07

🎯 A new stage of life is about to begin – receiving your diploma and joining the master’s program. 🎯

In order for this period to pass without borrowing turbots, the KNURE Admissions Committee is ready to help you and tell you about the peculiarities of the entrance to the magistracy in 2022.

❗️ On December 18 at 10 a.m., follow the link to get answers to the most popular questions:

🔥 How do I sign up for the Single Entrance Exam (SES) in foreign languages?
🔥 What are the main steps to enter the HNURE?
🔥 How do I create an electronic admissions office?
🔥 What is the rating for budgetary positions?
🔥 How to create an admission exam for a specialty?

Get the 18 thrend about 10, and turn to the first among the best ⭐️