New Arrivals of Students at the Artificial Intelligence Department

25 September 2020 0:39

This academic year, the cohort of students of the Artificial Intelligence Department, who study in the speciality 122 – Computer Science, “Artificial Intelligence” program, were replenished with five groups at once. This very joyful event means that we are not afraid of any coronavirus.

At the AI department, meetings of academic groups curators with their freshmen were held last week. Students officially have got their student ID cards. The curators also familiarized their students with the organization of the educational process and compliance with restrictions during the quarantine (COVID-19); told about the assessment system and types of semester exams; provided clarifications on scholarships and regulations, and the use of Google corporate services.

Newly arrived students are full of desire to study, and we, for our part, will do our best to make the learning process (albeit distantly) as interesting and useful for the children as possible.

Congratulations to our freshmen and wish them health and excellent academic success!