Presentation of the Diploma to Associate Professor of the AI Department Golovyanko M.V.

4 March 2020 21:28

On the March  the 4th, the head of Artificial Intelligence Department professor Filatov V.A. on behalf of the University’s leadership awarded the Diploma for the victory in the competition  “The Best Scientific and Pedagogical Worker of NURE-2019” to Associate Professor of AI Department Golovyanko M.V.

Maria Valentinovna recently returned from a long business trip abroad related to work in the International Project No. G5511 “Cybersecurity for Intelligent Systems”, as part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security  Programme (SPS). In this project M.V. Golovyanko represents the Artificial Intelligence Department of NURE.

Our congratulations to Maria Valentinovna and wishes  further creative success!