Questionnaires for employers and students

30 November 2021 0:56

Dear student! Dear employer!

We extremely need your opinion!

We are modernising the master’s study programme of Artificial Intelligence Systems in the field of Computer Science (within the Erasmus+ project “ACADEMIC RESPONSE TO HYBRID THREATS – WARN”, №610133-EPP-1-2019-1-FI-EPPKA2 //

Modernizing the programme will be implemented due to the development of the new courses which aim at teaching our students to adapt work processes and personal space towards complex and unpredictable situations caused by hybrid threats.

These courses are under development right now. And we would like to do this with you together considering your opinion. A short questionnaire (3-4 questions) will help us but consider, please, the following conditions of participation:

• employers can participate in the survey using only corporate accounts. You can find Questionnaire here: Questionnaire for employers

• students can participate in the survey of students using only nure-accounts: Questionnaire for students

Welcome to contribute to the formation of new security skills of future professionals and citizens!