The second transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ JoinMe Project was held on the 6 th -7 th July 2022 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

25 July 2022 16:13

Partners gathered to discuss management issues in person, check the status of the project performance
and to share first projects results. A.o., the partners presented analytical reports comprising the findings
of the desk research done in the previous months. The aim of the research was to identify national
practices in Industry 4.0/5.0 and to describe the Industry 4.0/5.0 landscape of the countries represented
in the project. The aim was achieved: the compiled report consists of almost 100 pages of valuable
information and insights for entrepreneurs. Another project deliverable in progress is Case Study
Workbook for students and teachers of the future JoinMe entrepreneurial training program. Its
finalization, foreseen as a next project step, was another important topic of the meeting`s agenda. The
meeting pushed forward the start of the second project development phase resulting in the design of
the future training program.

During the meeting, the project team were given an opportunity to visit Joist Innovation Park, an
ecosystem that boosts innovation and knowledge transfer in the fields of entrepreneurship, technology,
science, art, and design in the city of Larissa. The introductory visit allowed the JoinMe project and Joist
becoming acquainted with each other and giving thought about future collaborations.