The demand for our graduates doesn’t decrease from the foundation of AI Department to the present time that allows them realizing their skills and knowledge successfully both in Ukraine and abroad whatever industrial or academic career way they choose.

More than 80 our graduates within the double-degree programmes have obtained M.Sc. degrees of the Finnish University of Jyvaskyla and Dutch Vrije University of Amsterdam besides Ukrainian degree. 27 of the most talented of them later defended the PhD degrees abroad and chose academic career and work at Finnish Universities of Juvaskyla, Tampere, Vaasa, Portugal University of Algarve, Dutch Universities of Eindhoven and Amsterdam, at the Malta IT University.

Finnish partners collected the information on the career of our long term double-degree diploma programme alumni:

Early Exchanges KNURE-JyU (before 2000)

1. Vladimir Ryabov linkedIn PhD
2. Alexey Tsymbal linkedIn PhD  Google
3. Alexandr Seleznyov linkedIn PhD
4. Iryna Skrypnyk linkedIn PhD

Early Exchanges KNURE-VU-Amsterdam (before 2000)

5. Borys Omelayenko linkedIn PhD

Double Degree Program KNURE-JyU (2000-2005)

6. Artem Garmash linkedIn PhD
7. Artem Katasonov linkedIn PhD Google
8. Aleksey Loboda VK
9. Anatoliy Artemenko linkedIn
10. Olena Sammut (Stadnyk) linkedIn
11. Sergiy Dubovik linkedIn
12. Dmytro Lesnyak linkedIn
13. Pavlo Turchyn linkedIn PhD
14. Aleksei Pavlenko linkedIn
15. Dmytro Rusanovskyy linkedIn PhD
16. Dmytro Zhovtobryukh linkedIn PhD
17. Nataliya Kohvakko (German) linkedIn PhD
18. Oleksandr Gordeyev linkedIn
19. Mykola Pechenizkiy linkedIn PhD  Google
20. Ruslan Pletnyov linkedIn
21. Iryna Yevseyeva linkedIn PhD  ResearchGate
22. Yevgen Pavlov linkedIn
23. Vladimir Grishko linkedIn
24. Andriy Bazhyna linkedIn PhD
25. Aleksandr Bessonov linkedIn
26. Andriy Volberg linkedIn
27. Marianna Timoshenko
28. Oleksiy Kolesnik
29. Mykhaylo Kopytonenko linkedIn
30. Oleksandr Bilozerov linkedIn
31. Artem Marchenko linkedIn PhD
32. Daniil Ivanov linkedIn
33. Sergiy Nazarko linkedIn
34. Andrey Ivannikov linkedIn PhD
35. Georgiy Senenkov linkedIn
36. Oleg Paliy linkedIn
37. Denis Pertsev linkedIn
38. Alexander Sayenko linkedIn PhD
39. Igor Kalyakin linkedIn PhD
40. Vira Smirnova linkedIn
41. Yuriy Panfyorov linkedIn
42. Andriy Kozyura linkedIn
43. Andriy Konovalov linkedIn
44. Oleksandr Kononenko linkedIn
45. Andriy Zharko JoesData PhD  AgoraCenter
46. Oleksiy Khriyenko linkedIn PhD  Google
47. Oleksandr Shevchenko linkedIn
48. Andriy Vertiy
49. Oleksiy Volovikov linkedIn
50. Olga Nagula
51. Anna Krasynska Yatedo
52. Yevgeniy Ivanchenko linkedIn
53. Oleg Kolodiy linkedIn
54. Marina Govorukha linkedIn
55. Olga Kolesnik (Klochko) VK
56. Dmytro Kovtun linkedIn
57. Andrei Legeza linkedIn
58. Anton Naumenko linkedIn PhD
59. Sergiy Nikitin linkedIn PhD  Google
60. Alexey Shoferyuk Facebook
61. Volodymyr Snitko linkedIn
62. Yaroslav Sydorov VK
63. Andriy Taranov linkedIn
64. Yaroslav Tsaruk linkedIn
65. Konstantin Zagaynov linkedIn

Double Degree Program KNURE- VU-Amsterdam (2000-2005)

66. Oleksiy Koryak однокласники
67. Katya Mourits(Falkovych) linkedIn
68. Maksym Korotkiy linkedIn PhD
69. Volodymyr Zykov
70. Dmytro Tykhonov linkedIn PhD
71. Andriy Nikolov linkedIn PhD
72. Kostyantyn Tatarnikov linkedIn
73. Vera Kartseva linkedIn PhD

Other and Latter Exchanges KNURE-JyU (after 2005)

74. Oleksiy Mazhelis linkedIn PhD  Google
75. Maryna Artemenko linkedIn
76. Alexander Maslov linkedIn
77. Aleksandr Ivannikov linkedIn
78. Oleksandr Puchko linkedIn PhD
79. Nadiia Puchko linkedIn
80. Vitaliy Tykhomyrov linkedIn PhD
81. Nataliia Ostrytska linkedIn
82. Olga Tymofiieva linkedIn
83. Slava Panasenko linkedIn
84. Mariia Gavriushenko linkedIn PhD
85. Oleksii Kyslytsyn linkedIn
86. Kyryl Kamlyk linkedIn
87. Anton Nikulin linkedIn
88. Vitaliy Tsybulko linkedIn

Among our alumni are experts and top managers of Ukrainian and foreign IT – companies, academicians of European and Ukrainian Universities

Vitalii Tsybulko – Developer – Accenture

Ryabov Volodymyr – Professor, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Mykola Pechenizsky – Professor of Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands

Seleznev Oleksandr – PhD, Director of TeliaSonera, Finland

Sammut (Stadnik) Olena – Teacher at the Maltese University, Malta

Skrypnik Iryna – PhD, Head of Data Science, Qualia Media, New York, USA

Khrienko Oleksiy – PhD, Researcher, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Garmash Artem – Analyst at Rovio Entertainment Ltd. – creator of the game Angry Birds, Espoo, Finland

Dubovik Sergiy – Chief Software Engineer at Nokia Technologies, Helsinki, Finland

Pavlenko Oleksiy – Senior Software Engineer at Giesecke + Devrient, Helsinki, Finland

Bazhyna Andriy – Ph.D., Senior Software Engineer at Intel Corporation, Tampere, Finland

Artemenko Anatoliy – Systems Architect in Tieto, Helsinki, Finland

Nazarko Sergiy – Engineer at Nokia, Tampere, Finland

Ivannikov Andriy – PhD., Senior Engineer in Knowledge Management at IDT Corporation, Jyväskylä, Finland

Paliy Oleg – Senior Business Analyst at KAATO Gaming, Helsinki, Finland

Dmitri Kovtun – Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services, Seattle, USA

Snitko Volodymyr – Software Engineer in the Xample Sàrl Air Navigation System, Geneva, Switzerland

Korotkyi Maxym – PhD, Head of Software Development Group at IMC Financial Markets & Asset Management, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nikolov Andriy – PhD, Senior Engineer at Metaphacts GmbH, Waldorf, Germany

Kartseva Vira – Analyst of market strategies in Neuberger Berman Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Artemenko Mariia – General Director of Firumeda Oy, Finland

Nikolaev A.A. – Director for Innovation “NIX Solutions Ltd.”, Kharkiv

Kosenko Mikhaylo – Expert, Java NIX Solutions Ltd, Kharkiv

Pavlov Dmytro – Director of LTD “ALISA”, Kharkiv

Meniailo Igor – Project Manager of Stella Systems LTD, Kharkiv

Grinev Sergiy – Director of the PF “RSM”, Kharkiv

Shubkina Olga – Senior Specialist of Samsung, Kyiv

Talented students who received a personal scholarship of the President of Ukraine for high achievements in studies, research and public activities of the University:

Popadenko Polina — gr. КН-09-4

Lytvynovsky Anton — gr. КН-11-3

Eze Franklin — gr. КН-12-5

Developments of our students are noted at the best exhibition venues in Europe

Development of our student Mykyta Dominov (gr. KH-13-5) – the prototype unit of the assembly line control system developed within the diploma project “Feature Development for an Integrated OPC UA Server” under supervision of Associate Professor Zolotukhina O.V. was demonstrated at the Industrial Internet Consortium Stand of Hannover Messe (Germany) has been held in April 2017.

Shovkun Vadim, student of gr. KH-14-6, under supervising Senior Teacher Gubin V.A. implemented a non-standard approach to the development of the chess model “Star Trek Chess” using 3D technologies and ranked the 1st in the nomination “Software” at the exhibition of technical creativity of youth within the 21st International Youth Forum “Radioelectronics and Youth in the 21st Century” was held at the University in April 2017.