Petrov Konstantin

Ph.D., Professor of Artificial Intelligence Department, Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics.



1993 – graduated the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics, specialty “Software of computer facilities and the automated systems”.

1993 – lecturer, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Internal Affairs (UIA).

1997 – PhD, thesis defended at the UIA.

1997 – senior lecturer, Department of Applied Mathematics UIA.

1998 – associate professor, department of Applied Mathematics and analytical support the internal affairs in Kharkov National University of Internal Affairs (HNUIA).

2009 – doctor of technical sciences, specialty 01.05.04 – system analysis and the theory of optimal solutions, thesis defended in KhNURE.

2011 – head of the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems and Technologies in the activities of the internal affairs HNUIA.

2013 – professor of the Department of Information Technologies and Protection Information HNUIA.

2016 – professor of the Department of Artificial Intelligence KhNURE.


Educational work

Teaches courses: “System Analysis”, “Fuzzy models and methods of computational intelligence”, “Fundamentals of scientific research, organization of science and copyright”.


Scientific work

Research interests: methods of decision-making, decision support systems, multifactorial estimation, multicriterial optimization.



It has 115 publications, including 3 monographs.

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  2. Petrov K.E, Kobzev I.V, Orlov A.V. Determination of relative expert estimations of alternatives by method of comparativeor identification // Problemy іnformatsіynih tehnologіy: Sb. naukovich. pr. Khersonskogo Natsіonalnogo Tehnіchnogo Unіversitetu. – № 2 (14). – Kherson, 2013. – pp. 69 – 74.
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