JoInME – New Erasmus+ Project “Joint Multidisciplinary Training Program On Entrepreneurship In The Field of Artificial Intelligence For Industry 5.0”

22 December 2021

Teachers of the Artificial Intelligence Department will take part in the implementation of a new project of the Erasmus+ program of the Strategic Partnership Action “Joint Multidisciplinary training program on Entrepreneurship in the field of artificial intelligence for industry 5.0” (#2021-1-FR01-KA220-HED-000032254). Under the terms of the funding program Ukrainian partners can participate in this project type only if there is a detailed justification for the uniqueness of existing capacity and experience of UA partner. Our role in this project is justified by many years of cooperation in joint teaching the course “Commercialization of Intelligent Systems” with the French partner ECAM-EPMI Graduate School of Engineering Cergy. The project aims at developing a methodology for entrepreneurship education in the in cutting-edge industry in cooperation with academic and industrial partners from the EU.

The project kick-off meeting was held on December 22, 2021, to present the partners plans for the implementing the results and to agree on the first joint actions in the realization of the project. Intensive work with interesting partners is ahead.

Important information for all Bachelors

7 December 2021

🎯 A new stage of life is about to begin – receiving your diploma and joining the master’s program. 🎯

In order for this period to pass without borrowing turbots, the KNURE Admissions Committee is ready to help you and tell you about the peculiarities of the entrance to the magistracy in 2022.

❗️ On December 18 at 10 a.m., follow the link to get answers to the most popular questions:

🔥 How do I sign up for the Single Entrance Exam (SES) in foreign languages?
🔥 What are the main steps to enter the HNURE?
🔥 How do I create an electronic admissions office?
🔥 What is the rating for budgetary positions?
🔥 How to create an admission exam for a specialty?

Get the 18 thrend about 10, and turn to the first among the best ⭐️

The First NURE’s Project Of The Horizon2020 Has Launched

4 December 2021

The Deep Intelligent Optical and Radio Communication Networks project (MSCA RISE Horizon 2020) has finally launched! The project which was postponed for almost a year due to pandemic restrictions officially started on December 1, 2021. Researchers of the AI Department took part in the Kickoff meeting after signing the Consortium Agreement. We are looking forward four years of innovative intersectoral research in collaboration with the project academic and industrial partners aiming at obtain the AI-enhanced high quality radio signal in particularly to adopt the novel Machine Learning methods for parameter optimization of the large-array transmitters; to investigate generative adversarial network (GAN) for improvement of the simulation channel quality; to implement optimal deep learning algorithms to compensate for transmission impairments along the optical fibre channel.

Questionnaires for employers and students

30 November 2021

Dear student! Dear employer!

We extremely need your opinion!

We are modernising the master’s study programme of Artificial Intelligence Systems in the field of Computer Science (within the Erasmus+ project “ACADEMIC RESPONSE TO HYBRID THREATS – WARN”, №610133-EPP-1-2019-1-FI-EPPKA2 //

Modernizing the programme will be implemented due to the development of the new courses which aim at teaching our students to adapt work processes and personal space towards complex and unpredictable situations caused by hybrid threats.

These courses are under development right now. And we would like to do this with you together considering your opinion. A short questionnaire (3-4 questions) will help us but consider, please, the following conditions of participation:

• employers can participate in the survey using only corporate accounts. You can find Questionnaire here: Questionnaire for employers

• students can participate in the survey of students using only nure-accounts: Questionnaire for students

Welcome to contribute to the formation of new security skills of future professionals and citizens!

Day of introduction to KNURE

26 November 2021

📖 December 5 at 10:00 a.m. Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics hospitably opens its doors and invites you to the “Day of introduction to KNURE” – a new format of Open House online on NURE TV channel 🎥 in video chat 💻 telegram channel “Applicant of KNURE 2022”.
Waiting for you:
💥 Getting to know your dream university;
💥 Communication with the Admissions Committee about the peculiarities of the admission campaign 2022 and the rules of admission to KNURE;
💥 Answers from the Admissions Committee to any questions regarding the 2022 admission campaign from applicants and their parents;
💥Favorable gifts from the university’s partners.
Choose your future with First among the Best as early as December 5 at 10. 😀

🎓🎓🎓 And while you are waiting to meet the First among the Best 👍 , you have time to get acquainted with the educational programs that our university has, because now all the information resources for applicants are collected in one link.

Teaching mobility at University of Jaén, Spain

25 November 2021

For the fourth year, the AI ​​Department is implementing an academic mobility project with the Spanish University of Jaén. Mobility of the current 2021/2022 academic year was started by Dr. Oleg Zolotukhin (Deputy Dean of the CS Faculty, Associate Professor of AI Department). Jaen University invited our teacher to give lectures to Spanish students on the application of AI technologies in virtual and augmented reality. Spanish students were so interested in the taught actual topic that the pedagogical coordinator of the master’s programs in the field of ICT at the University of Jaén decided to add this topic to the curriculum next year. This is how the content of education is mutually enriched. We are proud of our teachers who makes own contribution to the content development of the partner universities!

Enhancing Partnership with ECAM-EPMI (Cergy – France) – Academic mobility for teachers and staff

16 November 2021

The long-term partnership of the Artificial Intelligence Department (NURE) and the French Graduate School of Engineering ECAM-EPMI from Cergy has given numerous academic projects involving students and staff members of both institutions. A new occasion for cooperation was provided by an academic mobility project funded by the European Commission within the ERASMUS + KA107 programme. The first exchange visit from a series of the visits planned for the project took place in November (7-14): the French partner hosted the NURE team consisting of Dr. Mariia Golovianko (an associate professor of the AI Department), Dr. Svitlana Gryshko (an associate professor of the Department of Economic Cybernetics and Economic Security Management) and Liudmyla Titova (an international project coordinator of the AI Department).

Students of ECAM-EPMI had the opportunity to attend lectures of Dr. Maria Golovianko on Artificial Intelligence and Contemporary Security, while academic and administrative staff of partner institutions could eye-to-eye discuss both current and foreseen mobility projects (involving students, academic and administrative staff), further implementation of the European Virtual Venture student programme, the upcoming project “Joint Multidisciplinary training program on Entrepreneurship in the field of artificial intelligence for industry 5.0” funded by Erasmus+ KA220. Research collaborations were discussed in detail.

Studying in France, study programs, scholarships

15 November 2021

We invite everyone to the online presentation of educational programs and scholarships in France.

ZOOM Conference ID:

864 3760 6753

Access code:


Workshop of The Erasmus+ Project WARN

22 October 2021

Representatives of the Department – members of the interfaculty team of project WARN participated in the Workshop on Internal dissemination of the JSS findings and Training on Adversarial Learning which was conducted in Lviv on October 18-20, 2021. During three days the WARN project  team worked in “hybrid” interaction communicating alive at the locations of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) and online via Zoom.

The NURE’s team was represented by the national project coordinator Associate Professor Svitlana Gryshko (EC Department), the team leader of developers of master’s programme “Artificial Intelligence Systems” Mariia Golovianko  and executive project manager Liudmyla Titova, meantime Head of the EC Department Prof. Tetiana Polozova, and Professor of the AI ​​Department Nataliia Ryabova, joined the online format.

During the meeting, informative trainings were held for the developers of the WARN-project:

– training on adversarial learning within the fight against hybrid threats and cognitive hacking in particular provided by Jyväskylä University, Finland;

– sharing knowledge obtained by representatives of the WARN-project in the Summer School of the University of Jyväskylä within the course “Changing Security and Hybrid Threats” (Assoc. Prof. M. Golovyanko, NURE – Kharkiv; Assoc. Prof. T. Reva, NAMSCA – Kyiv).

The “hybrid format” allowed access to the new unique content not only the project team but also students of partner universities.

Team members also synchronized and coordinated the activities of the second work package (WP2) aiming at the adaptation of study programs to the new context of hybrid threats:

– updating the profiles of master’s programs (in particular, the study programmes of NURE “Financial and Economic Security Management” and “Artificial Intelligence Systems”);

– development of the common project course “Hybrid Threats and Comprehensive Security” and special courses of the study programmes;

– development of a new method of proactive learning under conditions of protection against hybrid threats;

– Updating the interactive Hybrid Threats Glossary.

AWS Academy Opportunity Meeting

19 October 2021

On Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 1 p.m. 00 min there will be an open meeting on the use of AWS Academy (AWS Academy. The best way to teach students about Cloud technology).

The meeting will be attended by the rector of the university – Valery Semenets and a representative of the IT sector Andriy Kostromytsky.

Topics of the meeting:

  1. What is AWS Academy? Demo LMS, training programs and materials.
  2. How teachers can become members of AWS Academy.
  3. How to integrate AWS Academy into the educational process.
  4. Benefits for AWS Academy participants.
  5. Questions / answers

The meeting will be held remotely in two rooms: